Clevertouch Training Webinars

Twice a month* we hold free Clevertouch Training Webinars with our product specialist Allan, where we cover the main benefits and features of screens & software form the extensive Clevertouch range.

Attendance is via Zoom and is open to all.

We can also answer any questions you have, and let you see more people are choosing Clevertouch.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of the Clevertouch IMPACT & M Series Interactive Displays
  • Snowflake Live
  • Lynx Whiteboard
  • Clevershare
  • Cleverstore (IMPACT only)
  • ClevertouchLive Digital Signage (IMPACT only)

* First Tuesday of the month (2.45pm) and second Wednesday of the month (3.45pm), except July / August.

 Next Webinar

Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 14:45

You can download the free Zoom client from here.

Webinar link: Click here to join

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Previous Webinars

Clevertouch Education Webinar March 2023

Education Webinar featuring the CLevertouch M Series, IMPACT and IMPACT Max. Display overview including Lynx Whiteboard and Snowflake Live. Please see the handout for CleverLive digital signage and MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Clevertouch Education Webinar

Clevertouch Education Webinar, featuring the Clevertouch M Series, IMPACT and IMPACT Max. This webinar gives a full overview of the features of each display and also introduces Lynx Whiteboard and Snowflake Live.

Clevertouch UX Pro Overview

An introduction and overview of the Clevertouch UX Pro for business

  • Webinar Date: 17/08/2022
  • Download:

Additional videos on the features of the Clevertouch Interactive Displays can be found on our YouTube Page.

Can't wait for the next Webinar? To book a complimentary online 30 minute demonstration/overview of a Clevertouch interactive display please click here to schedule.