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Nuiteq Snowflake for the Classroom

Published by Avio Presentation Systems on 28 February 2023

NUITEQ Snowflake is the educational software that brings interactivity to your school and increases collaboration in the classroom and a remote learning setting.

Activate students for greater engagement and collaboration.
Fun content: use relevant content to quickly create curriculum-aligned learning activities and provide multiple means of representation and expression (e.g. images, video, audio) that support students in their learning quest. Send homework worth doing that will keep students engaged.
Engaged learning: providing multiple Zones on one screen enables individual and collaborative workspaces. This transforms your interactive screen from a front of classroom display into a fun, engaging learning station. For remote learning, it allows students to reflect and actively solve problems.

Simplify teaching with engaging and relevant content accessible at all times.

Easy-to-use interface:
 search and find ready-made activities or create and distribute your own within minutes.

Save lesson planning time: acces a vast content library containing curriculum-aligned lesson activities created by teachers for teachers.

Personalized learning: use ready-made relevant content to personalize the learning path of each individual student.

Differentiate instruction: display information in a flexible format based on students’ learning styles and needs.

Accessible: building on our commitment to Universal Design for Learning, Snowflake incorporates Open Dyslexic font, voice recording, and more to support a wide range of students.

Move from teacher-oriented to student-centered learning. Increase collaboration and engagement to improve student results.

Engage students with relevant content: access free lesson activities, created using the means of learning that students use in their daily life such as videos and digital resources.

Student voice: the ability for students to produce activities in a variety of formats or answer a Poll sent by the teacher, anonymously, anytime, from anywhere.

Content made by teachers for teachers
Personalized learning
Differentiated instruction
Project-based learning
Flipped classrooms
Online or offline
BYOD: Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, smartphones.

Included with your Clevertouch Education Display is a license for Snowflake Live.

To access your license key please take a note of your serial number which can be found on the white label at the back on either side of your Clevertouch Interactive Display. Then click the link here to get your license code.

Once you have your license code use this link to register your account, we would recommend the School IT administrator or nominated person manage all the license codes.

If users have not already created an account, you can create users under sub log ins, that user will then receive an email with a temporary password.

Using the transfer licenses tab and assign the user a license by adding their email address. Users will then receive an email and password from Snowflake.

A video overview of Snowflake Live can be found by clicking here

You can download Snowflake live to your PC or MAC by clicking here or by accessing it via your browser at

You can see a guided tutorial of Nuiteq Snowflake by clicking here.

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