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Clevertouch Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Published by Avio Presentation Systems on 10 January 2024

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. Clevertouch have partnered with leading MDM specialists, Radix Technologies, to consolidate all of your organisation's displays into one management system.

Link your entire Clevertouch fleet to your Remote Management MDM account, so that you can control them from anywhere. IT managers can troubleshoot without needing to leave their office.

No longer will IT support have to perform diagnostics on each screen. The web based Remote Management MDM account will save your team valuable time and gives you the option of switching off and wiping the screen remotely. View multiple or individual screens in real time to edit screen settings and run diagnostics and at the end of the day, shut down all your screens with a single click. A unique feature only available to Clevertouch MDM.

With the functionality to add .apk files to some or all of your Clevertouch displays, your organisation can always have the latest apps available to use. Administrators can also assign policies, enable and disable applications and manage website access.

Clevertouch Solution MDM Features include: Remote screen control – LIVE 1:1; Remote screen view – LIVE 1:1; Policy enforcement (Kiosk mode); App installation and management; App and Web white/black list; Device settings (hardware/OS); Power management; Messaging; File distribution; Triggers and alerts; Device location; Antitheft; Remote commands; Device info; Grouping; Reports; Geofencing.

Management tools include: SaaS infrastructure. Hosted server array on the Amazon cloud; Grouping and filtering; Device Info; Device Location, Including location history' Power management, turn off, restart etc.; User management; Triggers (Geofencing, time, Wi-Fi; Tasks; Software distribution, updates and silent installation; File distribution; Policies, whitelist and blacklist websites and apps; Kiosk mode; Secured browser; Device settings; Messaging; Workflow; Usage reports; Apple DEP/VPP; Google EMM enrollment; Remote screen control; Advanced messaging module.

A 5 year MDM License is included with your Clevertouch IMPACT Lux, IMPACT Max, IMPACT, UX Pro and M Series Generation 3 Interactive displays.

A 3 year MDM License is included with your Clevertouch CM Pro series commerical displays

A 1 year MDM License is included with your Pico XI digital signage player

To purchase additional licenses or extend your license, please contact your reseller.

A video overview of Clevertouch MDM can be found here

You can download a PDF Guide to Clevertouch MDM here

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