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CleverLive Digital Signage

Published by Avio Presentation Systems on 28 September 2023

CleverLive is the subscription free software platform from Clevertouch that enables the creation, deployment, and management of digital signage content across one or multiple displays, no matter where they are in the world.  Make changes in real time or schedule into your calendar.  Send announcements or emergency alerts at the touch of a button.

CleverLive allows you as an administrator to add users and give them full access to your netowrk of displays or give individual permissions on specific screens and presentations.

CleverLive is available on the Clevertouch IMPACT, IMPACT Max, IMPACT Plus, UX Pro and IMPACT Lux interactive displays.

CleverLive is also available on the CM Series of non-touch commercial monitors – CM series, CM Pro, CM eXtra, CM High Bright along with the CM Totem.  You can make your digital signage on your CM Series display more dynamic or add digital signage to any display by adding a Pico player from Clevertouch.

CleverLive is also available on the CleverLive room booking panel, which not only displays digital signage, but links up to Microsoft Exchange so you can book meeting rooms and show availability using the onboard interface and LED indicators.

A video overview of getting started with CleverLive can be found here.

A video overview here shows you how to create alerts and announcements with a QR code can be found here.

A video overview here shows how to set the room booking feature.

You can register for your free account at

In addition to our video overviews, you can download the CleverLive PDF guide from here.

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