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Clevertouch Lux Mini OPS player

Product Code: 1541354


Connect the LUX Mini to your Clevertouch panel to experience the enhanced functionality of the most up-to-date Clevertouch software. Immerse yourself in the future of interactive displays, complete with the added convenience of Google EDLA (Embedded Device License for Android), making LUX Mini the optimal choice for a versatile and modern interactive display solution.

Features & Specifications

LUX Mini Built-In Features
LYNX™ App With Online Lesson Planning Yes
Cleverstore™ App Store For Education Yes
Embedded Digital Signage Yes
Clevershare™ Mirroring Any Device To The Board Free for the life of the screen (touch back)
Integrated Personalised Account Profiles Yes
Cloud Account Access OneDrive, Google Drive, LYNX Cloud
Embedded Room Booking Yes
Whiteboard Annotation Yes
Email Out Direct From Touchscreen Yes
Scan QR Code For Saving Work Yes
Alerts and Announcements Yes
Over-the-Air Updates Yes
Remote Management Of Touchscreens (MDM) Yes - Five year license
NEW CleverLauncher™ Yes
NEW LynxShare™ Yes
NEW LynxCloud™ Yes
Compatible with Clevertouch M series, IMPACT, IMPACT Plus, IMPACT Max & UX Pro Interactive Displays