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Product Code: 1541355


CleverCast transforms the collaboration experience with effortless casting. Simply connect the device to your laptop and click to seamlessly cast to your interactive display. With no cables, networks or drivers required, and the ability to connect up to eight devices simultaneously, CleverCast will streamline your meeting to enable greater collaboration between participants. The 4K playout complements the multiple modes of projection to further enhance the experience, hassle-free every time.

Whether you prefer in-person, remote, or a combination of both, CleverCast empowers you to conduct meetings according to your preference. A staggering 62% of Enterprise users utilize over 3 Unified Communication platforms. With CleverCast, you gain the ability to effortlessly initiate a meeting on any of these UC platforms while seamlessly connecting to the display, audio, and visual equipment in the room. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience when entering the meeting room, regardless of your chosen UC platform.

Features & Specifications

Connection USB-C connection
Compatibility Compatible with Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS & Chrome OS devices
Screen sharing Connect up to 50 devices
Sources simultaneously on screen N/A
Resolution up to 4K
2-way control Yes
Moderator Mode Yes
Supports 4K UHD & Touch Displays Yes
Guest/Multi-network support Non-network dependent
Supports BYOM Yes
Supports BYOD Yes
Compatible with Clevertouch IMPACT Plus, IMPACT Max, UX Pro, Lux and UX Pro Edge Interactive Displays